Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Apointment Today

Just a quick check-in.  I called my family last night, which sucked.  Everyone is very willing to help and was supportive.  Still wasn't easy to talk, but I wanted to talk to them directly rather than some stupid Facebook post.

Heading to the oncologist at 2:30 today.  We should have a few more answers and hopefully a plan moving forward for treatment.  Or at least somewhere to start.  We're waiting to tell the kids until we have something in place.  Telling them last night wouldn't have done much good; we don't know how bad it is, how to treat it or how the treatment will work, so we held off saying anything.  Once we have a solution, we'll break the news to them and probably everyone else, neither of which I'm looking forward to.

Back at work, trying to stay focused (not working, obviously, since I'm taking a quick break to write this).  Getting more uncomfortable sitting with the swelling in my leg getting worse, but my incision seems to be healing just fine.  It's tough not pealing back the super glue though.  It doesn't itch, it's just the satisfaction of scraping it off.  I should be able to do that this weekend so that will be nice.

Not sure what to expect today.  Trying to stay upbeat and positive.

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