Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Weekend

Catching up on the last few days.  There has been a lot going on.  I'll start off with the weekend.

I spent most of the day Saturday on the couch.  By bedtime Friday night, my right foot was swollen and looked like a balloon.  Saturday was the father-daughter dance, so I had to be ready for that.  Katie took Eva out to find some shoes and a few other things, and came home with compression socks.  They went just about up to my knee, so they seemed to be big enough and I was thankful.  I popped those bad boys on right away and immediately my leg started feeling better.  I stayed on the couch until I had to get ready and then got my suit on.  Eva had a pretty purple dress to wear, along with new shoes.  She looked so pretty.  I knew how important the dance was to her so did everything to rest up and be ready to go.

This is about the 4th year we've done the father daughter dance.  I believe we started going the first year they had it, and it has been a great time every year.  There is a grand march, the dance with sandwiches and punch, and then we always go to Cherry Berry for frozen yogurt afterwards.  We got there, checked in and lined up for the grand march.  There were tons of dads and daughters there, it was awesome.  We started off in the line closest to the door, but quickly switched when we realized the line on the far side was about half as long.  We got through the line and up on the stage where Eva announced us.  We tried to wait so Katie could get pictures, then walked down the main aisle.

After that, Katie took off and the dance started.  They had a dj playing a lot of upbeat songs.  I did my best to keep up with Eva, but had to call a time-out when she wanted to spin in circles.  I was doing ok standing up, but spinning wasn't going to be a good thing to try.  We danced a bunch and got in line for snacks, which was just fine for me.  We had a couple sandwiches and then danced a little bit more.  I always leave it up to Eva as to when she wants to go.  This is her night so I'll stay as long as she wants to.  She lasted till about 6:40 and then was ready to bolt.  We grabbed our jackets and headed to Cherry Berry.

We beat the rush and were able to get our frozen yogurt and get a chair in the back.  She got all kinds of chocolate stuff on hers while I opted for the fruits.  This is about the only time we go to Cherry Berry, so I let her get what she wants within reason.  After the ice cream, we headed home.  I could feel my leg hurting even with the compression sock on.  We got home, got settled and I headed to bed to lay down.  I was hurting but did have a great time, even though I'm definitely not a dancer.  Eva said she did too, so it was worth it.

The next day was Super Bowl Sunday.  Originally, we had planned on going up to Grand Forks to spend the night with my cousin.  We decided to stay home once our Monday appointment in Minneapolis was scheduled.  Katie and I were really disappointed because we love visiting my cousin, but it was better to stay home and rest.  If we went to Grand Forks, we probably wouldn't have gotten home until nearly midnight.  And with us having to get the kids up earlier than usual and being on the road by 6:30, it just wasn't going to work.

Katie had decided to make a bunch of food, which was all awesome.  She made a beef brisket with cole slaw, a vegetable platter, a shrimp platter and spinach artichoke dip.  She did awesome.  I ate more than I had the previous few days.  We snacked pretty much all afternoon, then watched an amazing game.  The kids lost interest, but we watched right up until the Pats took the win in OT.  Even though we hadn't made it up to Grand Forks, it was still a really fun day.  All thanks to Katie.  It really helped take our minds off of what was going on.

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