Thursday, February 2, 2017

Some Good News

So we met with a local Oncologist yesterday and things seem to be positive for now.  He believes the type of cancer I have is treatable and curable.  By doing the standard tests here in Fargo, I'd have about a 50% rate of beating it.  By going to the U of M in Minneapolis, that goes up to 75%.  So Katie and I are heading down to Minneapolis on Monday to get started.  We have an appointment at 1pm, with labs at 12:30.  We're hoping to get more information on the type and stage of the cancer, then some insight on when treatment can start.

The doctor up here gave us a little information on what the treatment schedule might look like.  He said it would probably be 1-2 days of treatment and testing every two weeks for around 4 months.  Even knowing just that little bit makes me feel better.  I enjoy schedules and following them, so it is good to know what it might be like, no matter how much it will suck.  I'm glad it will be in Minneapolis.  We have plenty of family and friends down there to help keep my spirits up, so that will be good.

So far, I've told my immediate family and some good friends.  We are telling the kids tonight.  We wanted to have some idea of the prognosis so we could be honest with them and give them some idea of what to expect.  Katie and I have our ideas on how they'll react, but are not entirely sure.  We've emailed their schools already to tell them what's going on in case they have a hard time tomorrow or in the upcoming weeks.

I also told my company this morning.  They have been extremely supportive and helpful, and I'm thankful for the team I'm on.  Going forward, it is good to know they are here for me if I need them.

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