Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Monday's U of M Appointment

Monday morning came around.  We got the kids up early and had arrangements for everything all day, so we felt good about both Katie and I going down.  We got the kids dressed and fed, then packed Robb up to drop him at daycare early.  We got him set with Jodi and then hit the road.  I chose to drive since I felt like I could and didn't want to make Katie drive both ways.  The drive went smoothly and we got to my dad's about 9:30.  We stuck around there for a bit and then my dad drove us down to the U of M.  It took about another hour to get down there and I was thankful my dad drove us.  Took a little stress off us and let us not have to worry about traffic or getting lost on the way.

We got down there and finally got to see the doctor.  He explained what he thought was going on and we learned more about the trial.  I signed a consent form to have part of my removed node sent to be checked if I was eligible for the trial.  If I can take part in the trial, it is called the R-Squared CHOP.  The letters each stand for a drug administered.  If I get in the trial, I'd have to be treated at the U of M.  The doctor said it would be 3-4 days down there, followed by 5 days of pills and days of rest after that.  It would be a 21 day or 1 month cycle, so I'd have to go down there roughly once a month.  If I don't qualify for the trial, I'd be getting the same treatment, minus one R, so just R-CHOP.  Katie found this info yesterday: here.  The doctor said I have an aggressive lymphoma, but more tests are needed to narrow down which type of lymphoma.  They have had good success with treatment, but it is not easy.

If I don't qualify for the trial, I could still get the R-CHOP treatment down at the U of M, but it would be the exact same as if I were to do it in Fargo.  So if I get in on the trial, it'll be at the U of M.  If not, I can do everything here in Fargo.  But first, I need to have a PET/CT scan, a bone marrow test and possibly a spinal tap to check how far the cancer has progressed through my body.  Our local oncologist was out today, but hopefully we will hear back tomorrow and get something scheduled for this week.  So now we wait.  again.

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