Thursday, February 9, 2017

Pain in the A...Leg

Left work early yesterday (Wednesday) because I was hurting.  Made it home and laid down the rest of the day after running kids to faith formation (Katie did most of the drives).  The only thing I can relate it to is having the worst leg cramp in the world, running from your foot to your hip.  And then having shin splints on top of that.  I've had limited range of motion for a while now, but it was just in my hip.  Now I'm having trouble both straightening and bending my knee.  Just something else to worry about.

I had trouble walking around this morning and was still in pain, so I stayed home from work.  Probably a good decision since I could barely get around the house.  Can't tell you how frustrating it has been.  I kept trying to get comfortable but nothing was working.

I did get a call from my Fargo oncologist today, so that was good.  He ordered labs and prescribed pain meds, then pushed through a few tests that needed to get done.  I told Katie and she said she'd come get me to get my labs done and pick up the pain meds.  While I was waiting for her to get home, I got a call and scheduled a bone marrow biopsy for tomorrow morning.  7am check-in, start at 8 and hopefully done by 10 or 11.  From what I understand, they drill into the back of my pelvis and suck out some ketchup.  I also was able to schedule a heart test for Monday.  Now I just need to get my PET scan scheduled and that should be it before chemo.

The labs went fine.  We were in and out, although they took a bunch of vials of blood.  I think some were for tomorrow's procedure too, but there were quite a few to fill up.  We picked up meds on the way home and Katie dropped me off.  I hit the couch and that was about it.  I was supposed to run a Den meeting for Cub Scouts tonight, but it would have been too much to be on my feet for that long (even sitting in a chair is really bad too).  But thankfully, our Pack leader was able to run it for me.  I had everything planned out for him, so hopefully it wasn't too big of a deal.  I was bummed because it was the last den meeting of the Webelos II boys I've ran for the last few years.  The Pinewood Derby is also this weekend so I'm hoping I might be able to go for a bit, but I doubt it.  Nick's car is done, but not as much paint as he had hoped.  Got the weights in at least today and called it good.

I shared the news on Facebook last night.  the amount of comments and support has been amazing.  Very thankful for all of my friends and family for the support.  Very touching and the kids, Katie and I are very thankful to have people like you all in our lives.  We're still learning about this and honestly don't know what we need at this point.  Once we start the chemo or even just get the schedule, we'll have a better idea of what we might need.  Thank you all for everything so far.

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