Monday, February 20, 2017

PET Scan

It was nice being home.  The hardest part of the hospital was the time to think.  You can only watch so many episodes of Moonshiners before you start wondering if you could run a still in your back yard.  I kept coming back to the fact that being stuck in the hospital for so long, all the pain, all the time away from home.  All of that had happened and I hadn't even started treatment for the cancer.  That was what bothered me the most.  This was all just trying to fix some side-effect.  Trying to stay positive knowing that wasn't easy.

So Wednesday went about as planned.  Prior to the whole blood clot thing, I had been scheduled to get a PET scan Wednesday morning.  We got there nice and early for that again.  I was still in pain walking, but I had my walker and hoofed it through the hospital to get to the room.  We ran into the surgeon that did one of my surgeries and said hi.  I wasn't struggling a bit so I just wanted to keep moving.

They do the PET scans in a trailer that is outside of the hospital itself.  It was pretty cool, kind of a self-contained area.  They  shot me up with some radioactive stuff and I had to sit still for an hour.  No phone, no tablet, no nothing.  It was nice, but still tough sitting up.  I dozed a bit, and then it was my turn.  Things are always a tight fit for me.  They got me wedged in there and started the scan.  It was supposed to run for about 30 minutes due to my size.  I crawled in and waited.  I got moved back and forth a few times and probably fell asleep, but it went well.  Compared to the last week or so, it was a piece of cake.

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