Sunday, February 5, 2017

Kids & Waiting

We told the kids on Thursday night.  Eva had a visit to the Plains Art Museum for Girl Scouts, so I took her down to that.  It was interesting.  Lots of things to see and the teacher in charge of it did a really good job keeping the girls interested.  I've been in the museum a few times, but never took the time to walk around and see everything.  It was fun.

I got home with Eva about 8 and we told the kids we had to talk to them.  We put Robb in bed because we didn't think he'd understand anyway, and told the kids.  It went about as expected.  Nick and Alex took it well.  They had a few questions, but overall understand what's going on.  Katie and I think it will sink in a bit more when I start getting sick from the chemo, or whatever it ends up being.  Eva took it pretty hard.  Lots of tears, a few questions and she was obviously really sad.  We kept explaining that we're doing everything we can and I should be ok after treatment, but it was hard on her.  But we're glad we did it.  They are old enough to understand and deserve to know exactly what's going on.  Eva was a little sulky on Friday but seems to be doing better today.

Eva and I have the father-daughter dance tonight.  I'm having a lot of swelling in my right leg today, so I'm laid up on the couch with it elevated.  I'm hoping to make it through the night.  There is a grand march, pictures, the dance and they we go to Cherry Berry for desert after.  Will do my best to get through it.  We were hoping to go to my cousin Andy's in Grand Forks tomorrow for the Super Bowl, but we're going to play it safe and stay home.  There's lots of cleaning to do and trying to prepare for Monday's appointment.  We really wanted to go up as a family and try to keep things normal, but no such luck.  Andy and Mary are great so we feel bad about not going, but they understand.  So we'll be watching from home.

So to plan ahead for Monday, we had to do some work and ask for some help.  The plan so far is for Katie and I to leave around 6am, drop off Robb at daycare and head to my dad's place.  He'll take us down to the cities from there for my appointments and we'll head home whenever we're done.  If they want me to stay down there for something, Katie will come back that night and we'll figure it out from there.  Thankfully, my dad is able to cart me around.  We wanted him to sit in on the appointments too so he knows what's going on.  Chances are, he'll be stuck taking care of my butt after treatments so we wanted him to know what's going on too.

We've had a lot offers to help which has been amazing.  We're honestly not sure of what kind of help we need yet.  Once we start treatment, we should have a better idea of how it will go.  For now, we're playing it by ear and will plan as far ahead as we can.

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