Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Tuesday Morning

So something a little scary happened this morning.  When I first got up, I felt pretty good.  I showered and then put my right leg up on the counter in the bathroom to clip my toenails (glamorous, I know).  I finished up and started getting dressed, then things went south.  I got dressed in the laundry room so the boys could use the bathroom.  When I was about half way done, I got light-headed and my vision started going black around the edges.  My chest started hurting, I started having trouble breathing and then my vision got worse.  I managed to walk toward the living room and couch and it kept getting worse.  As far as I can remember, I went chest first into the arm of the couch and then rolled onto my back and onto the seat of the couch.  I vaguely remember Alex asking if I was ok or not and I think I said I don't know.  I got my senses back a bit later, but was sweating and still breathing hard.  I got upstairs to bed and told Katie what happened.  The more I laid still, the better I felt so I talked Katie into not taking me to the hospital.  After she took off with Robb to work, I got up and started the van.  I quickly realized that wasn't going to work.  I was super light-headed and had trouble catching my breath, so I had Alex pull the keys and I laid back down.  I stayed home till about 10 and made it to work, but it was a long day.

As near as we can figure, when I bent my leg up to my chest it cut off the circulation to everything.  So it was either being cut off or the rush that came back when I moved.  Either way, it was scary and I will most likely be heading to the ER if that happens again.  I still have pain in my chest, but am not sure if it is due to falling on the couch or whatever happened to cause me to black out.  Definitely will be more aware of what I'm doing from here on out.

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